Schedule a Virtual Demo

Schedule a Virtual Demonstration

We have developed a convenient virtual demonstration using Zoom Video Communications where you and your team members can view our products real-time, ask questions, and see lab automation at work using multiple HD video cameras to show you the details you need.

Why demo?

  • Booking a demo gives you, the customer, a chance to “test drive” the equipment in your own lab environment.  This gives you real interaction in your own space using your specific workflow to determine if Scinomix automation is a true fit for your needs.
  • People who are visual or hands-on learners benefit from experiencing automation in action to fully grasp its value and potential.
  • Proof beyond the marketing!  Showing what our product can do, and letting you experience it, provides necessary proof you should expect before investing in automation.
  • Having equipment in your lab gives you the chance to evaluate how well it can adapt to your lab’s workflow.
  • Having a Scinomix expert come to your facility to set up the requested product(s) and do a live demo for your employees gives your team individualized attention and time to ask your questions about your specific needs.
  • Gives you and your lab a chance to meet face to face with an Account Manager who can help tailor the automation package to your needs. By collaborating in your space, we can ensure our experts truly understand your application.
  • All demonstrations are free of charge with “no strings attached”.
  • In the event that testing the equipment will take longer than one day, exceptions can be made to keep the demo equipment and test it for up to one week.

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