Third Party Integration Systems

Although these systems can be used stand-alone, they are most likely integrated into third-party automation systems. These solutions include tube labeling, plate labeling, and BB dispensing.

Third Party Integration Systems

Sci-Print SOLO

The Sci-Print SOLO is a semi-automated tube and vial labeler that can label tubes and vials ranging in size from 0.5 mL to 50 mL. The Sci-Print SOLO can be used stand alone as well as integrated into larger automated systems such as liquid handlers


  • Thermal transfer printer (300 or 600 dpi)
  • Vial sizes from 0.5 mL up to 50 mL (8mm to 29mm diameter)
  • Windows based software
  • CE certified


  • Consistency of label placement
  • Increases productivity and efficiency in the lab
  • Eliminates human error that can occur from hand labeling
  • Easily integrated into third party systems
  • User friendly based software

Sci-Print MP2

The Sci-Print MP2 is a semi-automated label printer that prints and applies labels onto a variety of microtiter plates for sample tracking. It can be used in a manual stand-alone environment or integrated into a fully automated system. Its rotating, height-adjusting platform provides the flexibility to print on all sides and two vertical levels of the plate and deep well blocks. Versatile software allows the system to be used as a stand-alone device, or integrated into automated plate handling systems. An optional barcode scanner can be added to the system for validation.


  • 600 dpi thermal transfer printer
  • Labels up to four sides of a plate
  • Optional barcode scanner for validation
  • Easily integrated into third-party systems
  • Standard label size: 0.25″ (h), 2.0″ (w)
  • Windows based software driver


  • Increases efficiency and productivity in the lab
  • Diagnostics for testing and setting up
  • Labeling consistency
  • Small footprint saves valuable space in the lab
  • Can print range of standard barcodes including 1D and 2D

BB Dropper

The Scinomix BB Dropper is commonly used in a variety of agricultural labs for bead beating and homogenization. The operating height of the dispensary mechanism is adjustable to accommodate various plate/block heights (up to 80mm). The BB Dropper can be used stand alone or integrated into larger third-party systems.


  • Microprocessor program allows for automatic operator prompting, device control, and error checking
  • Operating height of the dispensary mechanism is adjustable to accommodate various plate/block heights (up to 80mm)
  • Backlit LCD display to prompt user and indicate errors
  • User changeable cartridges allow for various BB sizes
  • Hopper capacity ranges from 3,800 to 20,000 BB’s depending on BB size
  • Optional hopper extension holds up to 40,000 BB’s
  • Average cycle time: 4.193 seconds per BB
  • Number of BB’s per well: 1-10


  • Compact footprint saves valuable space in the lab
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Eliminates repetitive injuries associated with manual systems
  • Eliminates missed dispenses
  • Plug and play system allows easy setup for user
  • User can easily change BB cartridges and external hopper

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Why Lab Managers Trust Scinomix

We provide the very highest quality, value, and reliability available so lab managers can spend less time on low-value tasks and more time where it counts the most.


Scinomix effectively develops automation mechanisms with a process that controls and optimizes planning, provides on time delivery, and stays within budget parameters. We are committed to providing products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations.


Ensuring customer satisfaction is our main focus. This means developing automation that can support your everyday tasks in the lab. We believe our customer service is what sets us apart. Our automation experts have provided customers with excellent support and we strive to maintain that goal daily.


Scinomix automation can be tailored specifically to customer needs and requirements. Our automation team will work with you from the start to figure out the perfect solution for your lab.


Automation is a wise investment and saves customers significant cost and time-savings in the lab. Automating processes in the lab provides valuable walk-away time to attend to more important tasks.

Customer Testimonials

We value our customers and want to provide them with the best possible solutions. Over the years we have developed invaluable relationships and strive to maintain those relationships by committing to quality, reliability, value and excellent customer service.

``The Scinomix instrument changed the life of our lab. We save so much time now that we are not hand labeling.``
Gretchen Smith Coriell Institute
``Simple to program, simple to use and reliable. I set it up at the end of the day and walk away, prints every time, no errors and no surprises when I return next morning! Service is excellent, always available via email or phone to answer any questions or assist with changing settings. New feature just out universal grippers for every tube cap type can change tube types now without changing grippers.``
Robbi Garrison Carteva
``The Scinomix VX2 is a versatile and easy to use tube labeler. It can handle almost any tube type with the use of swappable heads(now with a universal head which makes it even easier). They can make tube racks for almost any tube type. They offer a variety of various labels depending on your needs, and the software is easy to use. The system itself is reliable as long as it is maintained properly.``
Wali Malik GSK
``Using the MP2+ we are able to automated and increase our throughput from manual labeling one container at a time to automating 50 at a time. We've been able to directly get formatted output from our LIMS for use by the MP2+.``
Nuha J Thermo Fisher
``We purchased this instrument about 2 years ago & it is our favourite instrument. It has saved countless hours of hand labeling. ``
Susan Jones Coriell Institute

The Scinomix Story

Scinomix provides laboratory automation solutions to customers in the Life Science Industry. The initial creation of the company is rooted in our passion to create customized solutions for labs which over the last 16 years, evolved into a standard product line that can be configured to meet individual customer needs. Currently, we meet a strong niche-market need for labeling tubes, vials and plates in many life science applications.

Over the years we have experienced extensive growth and are excited to be expanding our brand worldwide. We strive to be a leading provider in our field by committing to quality, reliability, value, and customer service. We strongly value each of our customers, and exceeding customer expectations is the motivation that drives our business. Our plans to continually improve quality and offer innovative solutions play a huge role in our vision for the future.

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